Most dog daycare owners separate dogs by size. We separate them by social or nonsocial. We let all dogs 30 pounds and up play together in the same yard or the same room. We find that if dogs are kept active and supervised they play well together, no matter if one is 30 pounds and the other is 100 pounds! Now of course if one dog isn’t that social and is discriminatory, then they will not play well in this environment right off. In this case, we give timeouts on a leash and do one on ones to condition them to the other dog. Most of the time this is just a personality problem and not a size problem. We have a Beagle mix that loves to play with a Rotty! Uncommon? Maybe, but it works!

We find that most dogs like to be around other dogs. Dogs are pack animals and need each other. Even nonsocial dogs hang close to the fence and watch the other dogs play! In some cases, we can convert them to social dogs that play well in a group setting. We have balls and chew toys to keep the dogs entertained. A lot of daycares don’t have these things. Not sure why. If a dog is tired, there is plenty of room for them to go lay down and bask in the sun for a while. Some dogs don’t engage in playing ball, but they enjoy watching the other dogs play. Or there are pools outside for them to cool off if they choose. Denver gets warm in the summer! We have sunshades and mist to keep it cool!

Whatever style of socialization your dog chooses to engage in, we are happy to meet their needs here at Big Dogs Daycare! They get hugs and pets, a ton of playtime and lunch is served daily at 12:30 pm. We have a caring staff that has their own dogs and a BIG heart for your dog! We love getting new dogs to come in and play with the sweet pack that is already here! Our dogs are welcoming to new dogs and a staff that is eager and ready to help your dog acclimate to a new social environment! We promise your dog will go home happy and tired! We have obedience training, and grooming available so that you can enjoy your dog at home more too. Boarding for social and nonsocial. Nonsocial boarders are not kept in a kennel all day and let out just to go potty. They have their own yard! If we have more than one nonsocial boarder, they are rotated and are able to be outside for two hours at a time!

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