Dog Grooming Denver, CO

Giving your dog a healthy scrub is not only necessary after it rolls in some mud or develops that stinky puppy smell. Bathing and grooming are also great for your dog’s health and happiness. When your dog visits the daycare or kennel at Big Dogs Daycare, we’ll be happy to pamper them with our top-quality dog wash in Denver, CO.

Let Us Pamper Your Pooch

dog bath
A lot of dogs love getting a bath because they emerge squeaky-clean and feeling as good as new. Pests, dirt and bacteria stand no chance against a vigorous washing. This keeps your dog’s skin clear and free of itching or burning sensations. Baths can also be therapeutic for your dog because of the one-on-one attention and care it receives.

At Big Dogs Daycare, we offer a variety of bathing services. Add a bath and pampering treatment to your dog’s stay at doggy daycare or schedule an appointment to bring your pooch in for a routine bath.

We’ll take good care of your pup’s hygiene with our comprehensive services. Trust us to bathe your pooch, brush its teeth, trim its nails and give its ears a good swabbing. When you come to pick up your furry friend, it will look, smell and feel its best.

Worry Less About the Mess

If you’re a pet owner in Denver, CO who prefers to handle your dog’s grooming routines yourself but hates handling the mess your dog makes in a bath, our self-serve dog wash will be perfect for you. Visit our facility and get access to our washing stations, shampoo, towels, nail clippers and more.

You don’t need to worry about making a mess—we’ll be there to clean it up once you’re done pampering your pooch! Self-serve stations are also great for getting a little extra one-on-one time with your pup after a day away at doggy daycare.

To learn more about our dog wash in Denver, CO, give us a call at 303-578-8434. We’d be happy to schedule a tour of our facility and make an appointment to get your dog squeaky-clean.