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Separation Anxiety And Destruction

April 30, 2019

Separation anxiety can lead to a plethora of problems in a dog. Destruction of personal property, behavior issues, and self-destruction. We have a dog that comes here that broke all his teeth off in a kennel at home. He was newly adopted and the rescue didn’t disclose that he didn’t like being in a kennel. When the owner came home and found her dog self mutilated with teeth and blood all over, she almost couldn’t take it to the point of wanting to return him to the rescue. He started coming to Big Dogs Daycare in Denver and with the... View Article

A Little About What Makes Big Dogs Daycare Unique

April 28, 2019

Most dog daycare owners separate dogs by size. We separate them by social or nonsocial. We let all dogs 30 pounds and up play together in the same yard or the same room. We find that if dogs are kept active and supervised they play well together, no matter if one is 30 pounds and the other is 100 pounds! Now of course if one dog isn’t that social and is discriminatory, then they will not play well in this environment right off. In this case, we give timeouts on a leash and do one on ones to condition them... View Article