Dogs just want to have fun!


We like to feel that we are set apart from most daycare places. We let the dogs play as they see fit. Paws in the air, chase, etc. As long as it doesn’t turn into a fight, we let them do their thing! We watch their behavior. We read their body language and we only interfere when we feel there could be trouble. We let the dogs tell us what they need.
This behavior is altered by a timeout on the leash, a timeout in the outdoor kennel, or a timeout in an indoor kennel. Fights are detoured by spraying them with the garden hose if that is what is called for. Works 99 percent of the time very well and very fast. Squabbles are normally ended with voice commands.

We watch the dogs interactions with each other throughout the day. Learning individual habits and behavior. This tunes us into what each dog needs to have a successful play day! Going home happy and TIRED! That is always our goal!

We work on group play, patients at the gate (tough one!) Stay down, sit and whatever else is needed per the individual’s needs.
We have balls and chew bones in the yard at all times. We don’t ask you to provide them. Some daycares do.
We have puppy playtimes when we have a few puppies here and they get to play with each other without the older dogs!
We have an indoor and outdoor play. We have a 5800 sq ft indoor facility and about 2500 sq ft outdoor.
We accept puppies 3 months and up. They need to be 20 lbs and expected to weigh over 30 lbs full grown.
We love our dogs and we hope you will love us! We are Denver’s ONLY Big Dogs Daycare!

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