January 25, 2019

"We recently started bringing our puppy Henry to Big Dogs after having some mishaps and no shows on Rover (plus it was getting expensive!) Big Dogs offered a cost effective solution for us, AND we get to see how much fun the little guy has via the web camera app every day! Although I had my concerns that he would be too small to hang with the other dogs, weighing in at 25lbs, all the dogs are well behaved and he fits right in. The staff are attentive to every dogs needs and sent us a very cute first day report card. See the pictures below! Highly recommend and can't wait to continue our relationship!"
January 12, 2019

"LOVE LOVE LOVE working with Cheri and everyones dogs! Everything is always so organized and clean and all of our dogs are super friendly! I highly recommend bringing your dogs To Big dogs. We love all of our dogs that come in like they are our own pupps!"
January 2, 2019

"Big Dogs Inc. definitely went above and beyond with our dogs. One of our pups got a cut in her side while she was there (definitely not a dog bite, I'm sure that her clumsy self just ran into something). The folks at the kennel took great care of her, taking her to the vet to get patched up and footing the bill for us (which I wouldn't have expected, but definitely appreciated). They kept us posted the whole time. Dogs will always find creative ways to have accidents. The way this kennel handled ours made us feel at ease while we were out of town. I would definitely trust Big Dogs Inc. with our dogs again."
December 13, 2018

"My wife and I adopted a dog a couple years back. When I got a new job that was not a work from home job, we were in a pickle with our dog Willie. We didn't want to leave him home alone all day long. He's a small dog with some trust issues but we could not have been happier with Big Dogs, Inc. He has been going there for a few months now and he loves it! He still looks sad sometimes when we drop him off but when I go to spy on him with the doggy Web Cam, he is always playing around with other dogs. Thank you guys, you have been awesome!"
November 26, 2018

"Big Dogs Inc is a wonderful doggie oasis for our dog. Sherri and all of the caretakers treat Willow like she is at home. As soon as we turn off I-25, she goes a little nuts, wagging and whining. We drive all the way from northeast Denver for her to board here. Our kids love the live camera app that lets us watch our dog play. I highly recommend this kennel."
Big Dogs Daycare