Separation anxiety can lead to a plethora of problems in a dog. Destruction of personal property, behavior issues, and self-destruction. We have a dog that comes here that broke all his teeth off in a kennel at home. He was newly adopted and the rescue didn’t disclose that he didn’t like being in a kennel. When the owner came home and found her dog self mutilated with teeth and blood all over, she almost couldn’t take it to the point of wanting to return him to the rescue. He started coming to Big Dogs Daycare in Denver and with the work of our staff and the understanding of the severity of his anxiety, he is now much calmer and doesn’t bark constantly. Although we still don’t put him in a kennel, we know he could be in one alongside other dogs during meal times. We choose to feed him in the hallway. He can now spend time alone while he is eating and during our break time for up to an hour without a meltdown. He can be in a different room at home than his parents for a time and be okay.

We feel dog daycare is awesome for separation anxiety for several reasons. One, your dog is rarely alone and gets a ton of attention in the play yard. Two, we work with the dog to curb the behavior associated with separation anxiety. quiet, go lay down, let’s play, etc. These things on a constant basis along with a lot of love helps the dogs to settle down and feel secure. The more they come, the better it takes effect and becomes a habit for them. The cost of replacing furniture, shoes, your house and Vet bills can far exceed the cost of daycare! We do offer unlimited daycare that allows you to bring your dog in every day if needed, or desired. Our regular packages never expire and are used as a punch card. We are confident that your dog will thrive on our daycare and start to shed their anxiety issues with time.

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