Doggie daycare is beneficial for both dogs and their owners! Here’s our top five benefits of doggy daycare in Denver, CO:

Boredom/separation anxiety:
When dogs are home alone all day and/or kept in a crate while you’re at work, they get bored and/or have separation anxiety, which can result in destructive behavior when you come home and they’re let out of their kennel. This can also result in howling or excessive barking, keeping owners up at night and leaving you feeling tired and frustrated. Doggie daycare is a great place for dogs to receive the stimulation they need so you and your dog will sleep better at night!

Another benefit of doggie daycare is exercise. Whatever the energy level and exercise needs of your dog, we’ve got you covered. Our dogs range from high energy to very relaxed, and your dog will have plenty of time to get all their exercise needs attended to.

Does your dog seem leery of other dogs or humans? Doggie daycare can address that, too. Routine time with other dogs and humans to teach them to be calm in many situations. Many owners who bring their dogs to our doggie daycare report receiving compliments on their dog’s temperament!

Dogs are creatures of habit. That’s why we have our daycare schedule posted right on our front page so you and your dog know what to expect.

We have a flexible drop off and pick up schedule to accommodate all our owner’s daily schedules, and we also have many options on pricing and packages for daycare. Whatever your needs are, we’ve got you and your dog covered!

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