Dog parks were a great idea in theory. They are meant to give dogs freedom off leash, socialize and have fun! A big open space for dogs to run and play fetch with other dogs.

But here are some of the problems with them. They do not require vaccination records to come in. So increases the chance of Bordetella or Canine Influenza which is highly contagious and easily transferred. Also Conjunctivitis can be transferred and could effect you and your family, along with your dog.

There are no attendants watching dogs behavior and keeping all the dogs playing safe. Often dog owners stand and watch their dogs. Not knowing all the characteristics of aggressive behavior and the signals. Therefore the likelihood of injury heightens.

You want to take a timid dog to learn how to play and become more afraid of other dogs because they are not broken up into proper groups.

There is also the risk of poisoning. It has been in the news over and over about meatballs with poison left in dog parks. Also the dog parks expect the owners to clean up after their dogs. No one comes and cleans the park of waste. Or sanitize the area ever. Dog daycares clean and use pet friendly products that sanitize and keep the play areas free of dangerous germs, like bordetella and influenza.

Daycares have trained staff to know the different personality types and how to read the dogs behaviors to keep all the dogs safe and happy. Doing introductions to test if a dog is safe to be in the social groups.

Daycares require vaccination records to be kept up to date for all dogs. Staff check the dogs to make sure they are healthy and not putting other dogs at risk of anything contagious.

If a dog has fear or is shy or separation anxiety, there is someone there to sooth their needs and help them to be comfortable in a social environment.
Some have training and puppy play groups!

They can stay all day and make friends and play the day away in a fun, safe environment! Go home tired with a big smile feeling satisfied and so will you!

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